This page is dedicated to finding all of those GREAT Freebies that all of us are looking for!

Your mission....should you choose to accept it, is to find as many freebies as you possibly can! During your search....if you should find any new freebies that you would like to share with the rest of us "freebie searchers" please contact me immediately through this secret code and I'll be glad to list them here for everyone to use! Hurry....this page will self-destruct if new listings are not added quickly!!! ;o)

Have fun and hope you find lots of freebies that you can use!!!!


Toll-Free Freebies

Here's a list of toll-free #'s for some great free stuff! Hurry though, these may not last long and they also may not be in your area. If you have any you would like to share with us or if you find any of these have expired, please let me know. Thanks!

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1-888-771-TUMS - Free Osteoporosis Kit and Tums Sample

1-888-CORTEXX Free sample of Cortexx Shampoo

1-800-577-5952 Free sample of Oral-B Nickelodean Rugrats Toothpaste

1-800-646-0012 Answer survey and get a 5 minute phone card

1-800-652-9754 Free sample of Oil of Olay & Puff

1-800-Walmart Free Rand McNally Atlas

1-888-554-3767 Free Chip Clip

1-800-458-7755 Free sample of Pro-Plan cat food

1- 888-743- 6627 Toyota free calling card

1-800-WALMART Free copy of Rand McNally road atlas

1-800-548-8367 Purina kitten care club

1-888-628-4478 Ocu-Hist sample

1-800-967-6192 free trial pair of Soflens66 Contact Lenses & 30 min. phonecard

1-800-621-1664 Free Dove Beauty Bar

1-888-456-7474 Free sample of Poise pads, WSL

1-800-MY-STASH Stash Tea Catalog + $5 gift certificate

1-800-DHC-CARE free catalog w/samples (skin care)

1-800-64-RENOVA fee information kit and $10 savings on Renova

1 800 WEPREVENT free McGruff Stop the violence info booklet

1-800-962-2345 Colgate Platinum $2 refund, ask for form to be sent to you

1-800-810-0875 free sample of Max Factor foundation

1-888-WE-GIGGLE Doughboy contest

1-800-467-7753 give key code 697 for free sample of Lever 2000 soap

1 800 652 9754 Oil Of Olay Moisturizer sample

1-800-4NEW RULES cleaning booklet from Bounty

1-800-950-2438 Chevy Conversion Van savings bond offer

1-800-226-6627 Free sample Camo Care Facial Therapy

1-800-662-3263 Ocean Spray, call and request brochure, has coupons inside

1-800-962-5357 request free Tylenol coupons

1-800-756-9882 request a free sample of Neutrogena Norwegian hand creme

1-800-448-3022 request a free sample of Playtex Slimfits tampoms WSL

Website Freebies

Here's a list of some really great Website Freebies. If you have more that you would like to share or find that any of these have expired, please let me know. Thanks!

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Free Samples/Cashoffs:

Free Newsletters, Patterns, Children's Size Chart, and contest to win a Beanie Baby.

Win one of 500 Gatorade NBA Dreams t-shirts -- just tell 'em your NBA dreams. This is an exclusive Internet only contest. Ends on 7/31/98.

Request a free sample of Stretch Island Fruit Leather, and you're automatically entered in a drawing at the end of the month for a Raspberry Rose or Apricot Andrew doll. -- The web site that brings you products and offers you can try for free. Sign up Now

Free Samples of Incontinence Products

Free Sample of Bee Pollen

Free Glysomed Hand Cream sample

For FREE SAMPLE OF AXID AR just fill out on-line form. You get a $1 off coupon too.

Receive Free Bible Study Sampler.

Receive a free literature from Botanics of California by filling out a quick on-line form.

For a free sample of candy.

Receive Free Golden Farm Candy Samples.

FREE Intel Technology Education Kit for teachers ONLY.

For a free sample of Jelly Belly Beans.

Receive Free sample of Jovan Musk.

For a free sample of Metamucil.

Receive Free Money Planning Kit.

Need a new mousepad? The first 2,000 who respond each day will receive the official Surfpad mousepad!

Receive Free Movie Poster.

Receive Free Sample of Music Flash Cards.

Receive Free Music Sampler.

FREE Seal'nType Computer Keyboard Cover.....or write to: Kador Ltd.; PO Box 94541; 2900 Steeles Ave. East; Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. L3T7R5

For a free sample of Tampax.

Receive FREE TEA SAMPLES by filling out the on-line form.

Tidy Cat has a great new product for everyone who hates to clean the cat box. Tidy Cat Scoop Quick Sifters are disposable "screens" that sift the used litter out and leaves the clean behind. Try a sample 4-pack for free!

Receive a Free Toy for filling out survey...(current offer expired 11/14 keep checking for more offers

For a free sample of Vivarin.

FREE Issue of Yahoo Internet Life Magazine.

The Ziff Davis company would like you to browse their website, and will even give you a free T-shirt! (Temporary on hold...check back!)

Request your coupon from Boboli...not sure if it's for a free Boboli, or just cents off coupon.

Look under the Goodies section to get a coupon for a free box of new Cinnamon Grahams. Yum!

FREE Coupons in your local area for things you want and need.

Receive coupons for LEGGS.

FREE $10.00 coupon for Rogaine Hair Re-Grower.

Receive $1 coupon for Schick Tracer FX razor or Schick Silk Effects razor.

Free Alka-Seltzer sample.

FREE salt substitute sample.

FREE "Sunny Delight" drink.

FREE toothpick samples.

FREE web graphics.

FREE knee-high hose.

FREE butter substitute sample.

Free sugar-free candy sample.

Revlon coupons.

Write For Freebies

For a 6 oz bag of Cape Cod Potato chips send.your naz to...

Cape Cod Potato Chips
"nothing for nothing"
100 Breed's Hill Rd
Hyannis, MA, 02601

Countryman's would like to invite to try a full size (4 oz) bar of all-natural hand made soap for postage only. With your soap you will also get a sample (enough for one bath) of our scented milk bath. To get your free full size bar of all natural handcrafted soap and milk bath sample send 2.00 to cover postage and handling to:

Countryman's Rustic Cuts Soapworks
1719 State Route 29
Little Falls, NY 13365

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