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Please pray for Chrystal

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In Memory of Missy

Taylor's angel

In Memory of Taylor

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Please pray for Phil Smith
who has cancer.
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to find out more about Phil. Thank You.

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On 2/5/98 Mary Ann Kuhl sent me an e-mail and asked us to remember Norma in our prayers....Her ear has been hurting her for almost 2 weeks. She is never sick & has never had an earache in her life. By the weekend her outer ear was quite swollen & red so she called her regular doctor on Monday & to make a long story short, he referred her to an ear specialist the same day who said that she has Shingles of the ear???? She has a prescription which she's taking, but her face is really drawn & her eye is watering. Norma's poor right side of her face is still paralyzed. She has trouble eating, drinking, talking....I won't bother you any further with it except to ask that you keep Norma in your prayers if you will....Mary Ann is one of our faithful prayer warriors.....I 've sent a many a prayer request her way and she's always been more than happy to pray and help others in any way she can....now she and Norma need our prayers. Please remember them in your prayers and I know that soon the Lord will heal Norma and she'll be as "good as new". If you would like, you can e-mail Mary Ann and Norma (MARYANNKY@aol.com) God Bless!~~~~Sandy.

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I would like to ask each of you to please pray for a Christian friend of mine...Sandy Shields. Sandy is a very dear friend of mine and I know that she could really use all of our prayers right now. Her family is going through a difficult time. Sandy volunteered to make my website back in April when I was still writing Cash & More. She has continued to be a GREAT help since I took it over and started my own new creation...Cyber Ads. Sandy is always there for me and so many others when they send out an SOS call and never expects anything for her time! It would be wonderful to send the Lord a chain of prayers. This would let HIM know that we are asking for HIM to intervene in this situation. I know that HE will if we ask and believe! Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragment. If you would like, you can send an e-mail to Sandy. You may also want to visit her website at "Infinite Dreams" . You will truly be blessed!~~~~Hi everyone, thanks so much for all of your prayers for Sandy and her family....they've really helped, but she still needs you to remember her in your prayers. Please pray that the Lord will give the Doctors the knowledge that they need to help her husband, Mike and also his son, Joey. The ole devil is really giving them a rough time now, which means that we all need to unite together as one powerful army of God! We can break this hold that the devil has over their lives in the name of Jesus. So let's all pray that the Lord will intervene through our prayers and help our Christian friends. Again, I ask that you continute to pray for Sandy and her family. Thanks and God Bless!~~~Sandy.

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I also received some bad news from Sandy Odigaan. She had a friend that was in a fatal car crash. Please remember Sandy during this most difficult time. If you would like to e-mail Sandy, her e-mail address is: SLONO1@webtv.net Thanks and God Bless!~~~Sandy.

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If you have a special prayer request, please let me know and I will post it on this page ASAP or you can post your requests on the "Prayer Request Board". This will allow you to have your prayer requests posted immediately. Thank you and God Bless! Please send your prayer requests to my e-mail address: cnm1@mediaone.net Thanks!~~~Sandy.

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Jesus died for you


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